Here are some of our Frequently Asked Questions.

If your question is not answered here, please feel free to contact us for additional information.

Q: What snacks are allowed for morning snack?

A: Only fresh fruit/vegetables and water are allowed for morning snack.

Q: Is my child allowed to have peanut butter at lunch?

A: Yes, however, they will not be able to sit in the “peanut free’ portion of each lunch table. If you have further questions, please follow up with the school directly.

Q: What is “Fun Lunch” or “Freshii Friday”?

A: Once a month (typically the first Friday of the month) you have the oppotrunity to purchase a hot “fun” lunch for your child. Purchases are done in advance via the online school store. Late orders and/or written submissions are not accepted. Lunch includes a main entree (ie: Pizza, Grilled Cheese, Bagel Dog, Chicken Fingers, etc.) chips, juice box and a fruit (usually apple slices or a banana).  On Freshii Friday, you again must purchase in advance, but will have the option of two flavors of smoothie to be provided during the lunch period. If you have any additional questions please contact Stacey McCarron at

Q: Where can I get an list of email addresses for the parents in my child’s class?

A: By joining the PTA you get access to the Online Directory. The Online Directory is hosted through MySchoolAnywhere and has an accompanying App for your phone or tablet, to make accessing even easier!

Q: What is MySchoolAnywhere?

A: MySchoolAnywhere, is an secure online PTA managment tool. By registering with MySchoolAnywhere you have access the School Store (this is where you’ll need to go to purchase Fun Lunch or Freshii Friday Smoothies), Volunteer SignUp  and if you are a paid member of the PTA, you will have access to the online directory. The directory can be accessed from the internet or your mobile devices with the MySchoolAnywhere App! If you have any questions about MySchoolAnywhere, please contact Tammy DeStefano at

Q: How do I join the PTA?

A: It’s easy:

  1. Register with MySchoolAnywhere
  2. Once approved and added to the site visit the school store and select the membership option you want and pay via PayPal

If you have questions on membership, please contact Cathy Sheedy at